An innovative project, the first of its kind in the historical center in Venice, which combines the conservation of types of structures using the latest technologies and materials for energy savings and user comfort.

energy efficiency
under-floor heating and forced-air systems
guarantees for the home-buyer

technical specifications


Sound insulation
To achieve high-levels of acoustic performance, particular care has been given to the choice of materials and to the technical design of the acoustic insulation. Floating floors reduce the sound of footsteps and specific sound-absorbing material (Celenit) has been applied to all of the walls to absorb airborne noise.

Each home-buyer will receive a brochure for their individual apartment containing details of the materials used in its construction with instructions for use and maintenance, accompanied by photographs of the various stages of construction.

10-year warranty and insurance
Each home-buyer will receive a 10-year warranty as insurance to cover direct and indirect physical damage to the property (including damage to third parties) resulting from total or partial destruction; serious defects in construction; any under-ground defect; and any inherent defect in the building; for a period of ten years from the date of completion of the property, in accordance with Law no. 210/2004 and the subsequent mandatory provisions (Decree no.122/2005) applicable to all new-builds.

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